22 things you need to teach your kids in 2022

There was a tweet and someone was saying that I want to live in a society where everyone is hurt out of kindness. I think it is a very just request. I want to live in a society where good mornings and good evenings fly and people smile at each other.

Setting off for work before the sun rises and returning home when the sun goes down makes us unhappy throughout the winter. The fact that we are surrounded by people who are unaware of courtesy, who think that they are breathing and living, and that our already low energy is absorbed by energy vampires completely alienates us from life.

How can we instill good behavior in our children when we say economic troubles, rude people, negativities. Here are 22 small behaviors that will teach your children the finer points of being a good person.

1. When people are angry, it usually means they are hurt.

2. The Creator designed you to be brave, not cowardly.

3. When you’re feeling sad, helping someone else helps you feel better.

4. The healthiest way to share your opinion is to speak calmly and thoughtfully.

5. People are more valuable than things.

6. You make people feel loved when you treat them like they are special and encourage them.

7. Life doesn’t always go the way you want, so you have to be flexible.

8. If you feel lonely, join a group that promotes friendship and positivity (sports team, school club, etc.)

9. Hard work and patience lead to success.

10. Stand up for what is right, even when it is difficult.

11. Not everything you hear and see is true. It is important to be able to distinguish truth from lies (even from what you want to believe).

12. Make an effort to get to know people who are different from you.

13. We spend a lot of time waiting in life. Be patient and hopeful while you wait.

14. Good things can come out of even the most terrible tragedies. There is a good in every evil.

15. Choose kindness even when you don’t like it.

16. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so start working on your dreams today.

17. If God opens a door, dare to enter.

18. Ethnicity is beautiful and worth recognizing.

19. Pray, it will do you good

20. Our family is special. We have to take care of each other and be a team.

21. Listen to how people feel and then believe them.

22. When you see someone looking sad, think of a way to help them feel better.

In fact, these substances are indispensable forms of behavior not only for children, but also for all of us. We can get through these difficult days not as a hindrance to each other, but as support.