Cedar tree

Cedar tree, which is one of the tree species known in our country, is a tree with many known and unknown features. There are many types of trees, but most people do not have detailed information about trees. Tree species have various properties and are used in many areas.

Cedar wood is one of them. The benefits and properties of the tree can be studied in a wide range. For those who are curious and want to learn detailed information about the cedar tree, this article will be explanatory.

Cedar Tree and Its Properties
The cedar tree is of Latin origin and its Latin name is known as Pinaceae. It is one of the most grown tree varieties in Turkey. It is a temperate climate-loving tree and comes from the pine family. Its leaves are needle-like, just like the pine tree.

The most noticeable feature of the tree is that it is Kozakli. It belongs to the group of forest trees. It has the characteristic tree feature in terms of cones and appearance. The main features of cedar trees can be listed as follows;

Cedar trees do not shed their leaves.
Its appearance is the same in all four seasons and does not deteriorate.
The branches remain green in winter.
It is among the tree species with a very long lifespan.
If grown in a suitable climate and conditions, it can live for approximately 1000 years.
The maximum height it can reach is 30-49 meters.
It has exactly the characteristics of a forest tree.
The benefits are endless.

Cedar Tree and Its Benefits

One of the most important known benefits of cedar wood is its use for skin diseases. It is also good for stomach and intestinal diseases. It is known to provide support to the respiratory system. These benefits have been determined as a result of long researches. Almost all parts of the tree are used in different sectors. These; leaves, cones, wood and resin. All of these have distinct benefits.

Therefore, it can be said that it is one of the precious tree species. Cedar oil is also very useful. Today, almost all herbalists can be found. There is no harm in using hair. It can also be used with cosmetic products. Those who want to get a serious benefit should use it purely.

If you want to buy cedar oil, it is necessary to buy it originally from a reputable place. Among the properties of cedar oil, it is an antiseptic, which is quite remarkable. It will be more beneficial for those who want to use it regularly, to consult a doctor.

When used regularly, it opens the skin pores and makes the skin glow. It is useful for acne and blackhead problem. It alleviates the problem of redness and provides relief. It is ideal to put a few drops into the routine products used. It has also been observed to have a firming and skin regenerating effect.

Apart from skin problems, it is also useful for stress. Smelling cedar oil on a daily basis greatly calms the nerves. It can be used easily by those with concentration problems.

It also relieves pain as it relaxes muscles. It will be useful to drip it into a bottle or a glass and use it as a room fragrance. If you want, you can drop the oil on your hand occasionally and smell it for the day.

Where and How Does the Cedar Tree Grow?
The cedar tree, which belongs to the pine family, has needled leaves and the longest-lived one is about 2000 years old. Because of its many known benefits, it is grown specifically for health. This tree, which is preferred for the lower and upper respiratory tract, can grow and develop in the appropriate climate.

It is a tree grown from seed. It likes hot weather and temperate climates. The places where the cold climate is dominant and the places where there is a lot of precipitation are not suitable for growing cedar trees. The air temperature should not fall to minus.

15-20 days after the seeds are planted in the soil, they begin to sprout. Since the growing stage is important, the necessary conditions must be provided. Whenever possible, nitrogen should not be used. Cedar wood has varieties such as Cyprus, Atlas, Lebanon and Himalaya.

The leaves have three corners. In addition, the resin channels are adjacent and there are two. It likes the Mediterranean climate, especially in the Taurus Mountains.

What is Cedarwood Oil?
Cedar wood is mostly used because of its oil. This oil is very useful. It has antimicrobial properties. It can be used in any environment and also contains vitamins. Phosphorus in its content is very beneficial for the skin.

It can be applied to sore legs and daily. Relieves joint pain. It is also beneficial for vaginal and urinary tract infections. This oil is obtained by peeling the sawdust and bark of the tree to the deepest. It is produced by means of water vapor.