Colors That Suit Warm Undertones

Colors that suit warm undertones are a very important element, especially for women’s make-up, care and hairstyles. Skin tone, which is so important in make-up and skin care, can be easily detected. For this, it will be sufficient to examine the veins seen in your arms. If you have a warm undertone, the color of your veins is green, and if you have a blue appearance, you have a cold skin tone. If you have a warm undertone, after determining your skin structure with this method, you can apply care and make-up with colors that suit the warm undertone, and you can have a more natural and clear appearance.

Colors That Suit Warm Undertones

Make-up materials used in accordance with the color of the skin tone will make your face look clearer and smoother, and will also meet your aesthetic expectations. Peach, coffee with milk, pistachio green, red brown tones and brick color stand out as warm undertone make-up colors.

Foundation selection

It is recommended that people with warm undertones use more wheat, amber, bronze and honey-colored foundations, and it is recommended to stay away from those close to pink and its tones.

Headlight selection

While the colors suitable for the foundation colors come to the fore in the headlight selection, apricot color tones and headlights close to olive green are also considered appropriate. It is also recommended to choose a warm and bright tone in the headlight selection.


While it is recommended that women with warm undertones stay away from cold pink tones in their blush selection, it is recommended to choose blushes with different tones of orange, bronze and peach. In addition, red, tile and coral tones are also suitable blush colors for this type of skin structure.

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While it is recommended to use similar colors in lipstick selection as in other make-up tones, cherry tones and nude colors are also recommended as colors suitable for this type of skin structure.

Hair Colors That Suit Warm Undertones
While chocolate and ashy brown tones stand out among the hair colors that suit warm undertones, eggplant purple and raven black are also the colors that can be preferred. The colors recommended for those who want to have a marginal hair structure are purple and blue.

Chocolate tones, which are among the most popular hair colors and have a rising trend in recent years, stand out as the most preferred color by people with warm undertones.

Those who like red hair tones are also people who usually have a warm undertone and like to look marginal. All tones of red color in the hair of those who have this type of skin structure create magnificent views. Eggplant purple, which is also considered marginal and is frequently used by young women, is also among the hair colors preferred by people with warm undertones. In addition to being more attractive, it also adds a modern atmosphere to its user, which is one of the reasons why it is preferred.