Different uses of diaper rash cream

When I found a diaper cream that has not been used for a long time at home, I thought why adults don’t use diaper cream.

The content of diaper rash cream is rich and dense, and many quality diaper rash creams are rich in zinc. Adults can also use diaper rash cream in many ways, both for the skin and as an alternative.

Where can adults use diaper rash cream?
There are so many alternative uses for diaper rash cream, I have a few ideas to evaluate the cream that is both for the skin and practically at home.

1. Reduce razor pain

Zinc oxide, the main component of the rash cream, will help soothe irritated areas. To prevent or treat razor bumps, apply a thick layer to freshly shaved areas (bikini line, underarms, etc.), leave overnight and rinse in the morning.

2. Protect your skin from sunburn

Forgot to buy sunscreen? Throw diaper cream in your beach bag. If zinc oxide is on the ingredient list, you’re in luck, as it acts as a sunscreen. The thick, white paste doesn’t look very pretty, but it saves the day. It is also good for sunburn.

3. Fill the holes

Did your husband hang a picture on the wrong wall in the newly painted nursery? No need to get angry with him. Before painting, apply a piece of diaper cream over the hole in the wall and let it dry, no one will notice.

4. Apply for chapped lips hands and face

Especially if your lips and hands are chapped from the cold, the rash cream will relax you with its restorative effect. You can apply it in thin layers during the day.

5. Treat hardened elbows and heels

If your heels are cracked or hard, or your elbows are dry and dark, you will wake up with softer and renewed skin in the morning by applying a lot of diaper cream and wrapping it up or wearing socks.

6. Good for Psoriasis Eczema rashes

It provides temporary relief for rash skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema that make us nervous.

7. Relieves rubbing inner legs

If your legs are rubbing against each other, especially the thighs, diaper rash cream will do you good.

8. Provides a protective layer to small lines

If your child’s knees are bleeding or have minor scratches, a thin layer of diaper cream will provide protection from external influences until they heal.

9. Reduces sweating

It can be applied for sweaty palms and armpits.

10. Keeps hair dye off the skin

While dyeing your hair, you can apply it to the forehead and neck. It will greatly reduce paint contact…

11. Can be used for private zone darkening.

I heard that diaper rash creams containing zinc are good for darkening of the private area and armpits, there is such a comment from regular users.. but I haven’t tried it, I see it as worth a try.

12. For the health of cats and dogs..

If your dog has dry patches or some strange rash on his skin, using a diaper rash cream will help cure it. Best of all, this remedy has been approved and recommended by most veterinarians. Make sure you rub it well so your dog doesn’t lick it.

13. Relieves Hemorrhoid Discomfort
Is there anything more irritating and irritating than hemorrhoids? If you need relief, apply a layer of diaper cream over your hemorrhoids and it will help reduce swelling and irritation.

14. For Insect Bites
Applying rash cream to insect bites can help reduce itching and redness immediately. By moisturizing the area, you won’t have dry patches that could cause more itching or discomfort!

15. Use for nail care

Thanks to its water-repellent feature, you can extend the life of your permanent nail polish or normal nail polish by applying it to your nails from wet works.

The content of each diaper rash cream is different. Please refer to the expiry date on ingredients and skin uses.