Gryffindor vest

The idea for the Gryffindor vest came from the book Harry Potter Knitting Magic. There, however, the model is in adult size. And, of course, the yarn is not imported here. So I was faced with the difficult task of finding a yarn of pure wool, which has colors of red, mustard yellow and gray. Well, at least not in my famous online stores ? I decided to use leftovers from Nako Pure red and yellow from the previous Gryffindor scarf you make. For gray, I chose Nadir from g-yarns and knitted it double-stitched to get Nako’s thickness. I knitted on 4 mm needles.

So without a pattern and the right yarn, I had to compose and calculate everything myself. I wanted a vest with 2 fronts, a back, sleeves in a circle and buttons. I am very happy that it worked out and most of all that it works for his child.

I had a few problems with the sleeves and I unraveled them 2-3 times, I still didn’t like something.

I really wanted to photograph the child with her, but he no longer likes to be photographed, so you only get a vest on a hanger in a cluttered children’s room. At least he wears it with pleasure :)))