Hops Benefits

Hops are from the occipital family, and its origin dates back to ancient times. Although the Hemp family is a plant that is not very well known among the people, almost everyone has heard of the hops plant. Hops is a herbaceous plant. Although the color of this herb is usually green, it turns white when it blooms.

It has a cone-like appearance in terms of shape. It is a plant with hard hairs. It is always possible to find the dried form of this plant, which can be found fresh in July and September, every month.

The tea, oil and cream of hops are also always readily available. Hops are mostly used in dried form. This plant, which is widely used in the industrial field, is also frequently used as an alternative medicine method.

This plant, which is easily obtained from herbalists, attracts a lot of attention with the benefits it provides. It should be obtained by shopping from reliable transfers. It will be beneficial to consume this herb, which has many effects, in consultation with a doctor.

Hops Benefits
The most well-known benefit of this herb, which attracts great attention by women, is its breast enlargement feature. Since the use of hops will increase the secretion of estrogen hormone in the body of women, breast growth is achieved. Since it affects the functioning of the digestive system, it has an appetizing feature for those who have anorexia problem.

In addition to the breast enlargement feature in women, it has the feature of relieving menstrual pain during menstrual periods. With the tannins and different useful substances in hops, it cleans the dirty blood and ensures that the clean blood circulates in the body. It has diuretic properties. Thanks to this feature, it has the feature of removing edema for those who have edema problems in the body.

Hops have a regulating effect on the digestive system. With this feature, it also benefits stomach problems caused by the digestive system. People who have this problem can use hops because it reduces stomach pain. With its relaxing and calming properties, it is useful in improving sleep problems due to reasons such as nervousness and stress. It is frequently used in cosmetic products.

The hops plant is widely used in beer making. It has cholesterol lowering properties. It strengthens the body. It is good for rheumatic pains. It is known to be beneficial for cancer types such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer.

How to Use Hops

The dried form of hops tea attracts a lot of attention. Add 1 teaspoon of dried hops into 1 glass of boiled (to be taken from the stove) water and infuse for 5 minutes with the mouth closed. If desired, honey can be added and consumed after warming up. It should be drunk 1 glass per day. It should not be consumed excessively as it has effects on hormones. It should be used regularly for 1 month and continued with a break.

Hops have breast enlargement properties. For those who want to benefit from this feature, the dried form of hops is used. After making the tea and resting, it is passed through a food processor and mixed with a cream of the same proportion (non-oily) and applied to the chest area. It is left for 4-5 hours in this way and then washed.

Hops Harms or Side Effects
Highly consumed hops plant can cause stomach problems. Especially in people with sensitive body, complaints such as burning in the stomach or nausea can be seen. For this reason, it should not be consumed more than 1 glass a day. For this reason, pregnant women should not use hops plant, which can create imbalances in hormones.

Hormones differ during pregnancy. If a hop plant is consumed on it, it can have negative effects on the person. It would be better for the person to get information by consulting his doctor. In addition, since it affects the hormonal balance, excessive consumption causes sexual reluctance and hair growth in the body.