Menopause Symptoms

The symptoms of menopause are quite annoying in women when they reach a certain age. Menopause symptoms in women differ in many ways. Women can be affected in this process both physically and psychologically.

During menopause, ovarian functions are completely lost in women, and thus women’s productivity stops. For women who want to get pregnant, the pregnancy factor completely disappears during this period.

Women who do not have a continuous menstrual period for 12 months are considered 100% menopausal. The most important symptom of menopause is the cessation of menstruation. Women’s menstrual cycle ends completely, and after this process, women do not menstruate again.

Menopause usually begins when women are 45 years old. However, this may correspond to an earlier period depending on some factors.

At the same time, women can enter menopause after the age of 45. Disruptions in the menstrual pattern are known as the first sign of menopause. Before women enter menopause, serious disruptions occur in their menstrual cycles, usually 1 to 2 years before. This is one of the key factors that cause women to wear out psychologically.

Psychological Symptoms of Menopause
When menopause symptoms are mentioned, we come across a comprehensive field of study. One of these wide-ranging areas of study is psychological factors. When people enter menopause, they face many psychological factors.

Insomnia is one of the most common psychological factors. During menopause, people may experience excessive insomnia.

In addition, women experience an increase in depression levels during this period. People don’t want to talk to anyone by being introverted. Nervousness and anxiety will also increase in this period. People will get angry at even the smallest thing and start to worry about everything.

The person will be overly emotional during this process. Therefore, he will be able to cry even for the smallest thing. Crying spells frequently repeat themselves during this period, allowing an inextricable situation to prevail. People experience emotional intensity during menopause.

They can experience forgetfulness very quickly, with deterioration in their memory. Concentration disorder is also among the most common factors. During this period, people become irritable. They can break you by fighting with you even for the smallest thing.

What Are the Reproductive Organ Symptoms of Menopause?
Among the symptoms of menopause, women can experience many symptoms in the reproductive organs. The most annoying symptoms of menopause take place in the reproductive organs.

Wetness in the vagina of the person during this period will be completely replaced by dryness. In this case, it is among the factors that will affect the sexual relationship negatively.

Severe pain, reluctance and impotence during sexual intercourse are among the most common symptoms observed in people. Urinary incontinence is also a very common factor in this period.

A lot of frequent urination questions at night are seen in people for a long time, and the psychological balance of the person is upset during this period. The most severe symptoms of menopause are known as the symptoms that occur in the reproductive organ.

What Are Other Changes in Menopause?
During menopause, people experience different changes in many ways. One of these changes is the reduction in the breasts. During this period, people physically shrink in their breasts. Fat tissue loss and sagging are among the most common problems.

Dry skin and increased wrinkles are among the most common menopausal symptoms. During this period, the nipples may also decrease significantly. There is reduction in armpit and hair follicles. Shortening of stature, hunching and muscle pain are among the most common side effects in women during this period.

During this period, people’s appetite is excessively open and weight gain occurs accordingly. Insulin levels increase and diabetes problem can be seen in women during this period. After menopause, body fat becomes excessive. As a result of lubrication, unbalanced weight gain occurs and this process causes the psychological balance of women to deteriorate.

How Many Years Do Menopause Symptoms Last?
Menopause is a phenomenon that constitutes a very important process in women between the ages of 45 and 55. During this period, many changes are experienced in women’s bodies and these changes cause the deterioration of women’s psychological and physiological balances.

The menopause process can take approximately 1 to 2 years. However, in rare cases, this period may be extended. However, on average, the menopause process comes to an end after a period of 1 to 2 years. Although the symptoms may decrease in people until this process is over, they may become more severe again and again in some periods.

It is extremely important for people to receive psychological support during menopause. With the psychological support to be received, this process takes place faster and more effectively. Thus, people experience the advantage of getting rid of the menopause period more effectively and quickly.