What are the benefits and harms of wearing a corset?

Let’s examine the effects of the corset together.

Although most people see the corset as something that only women use, they can actually be used by men. Only the purpose may be slightly different. The corset can generally be used to stand upright, for lumbar hernia pain, to look thinner and tighter.

But as well as benefits, there are also disadvantages to using a corset. Then let’s examine together in which situations it can be harmful.

Benefits of Wearing a Corset
Provides a more upright posture
It keeps us tight, and thin, and thins with regular use.
It reduces lumbar hernia pain.
It allows the body to achieve the desired appearance.
It is good for back pain.

The Harms of Wearing a Corset
In long-term use, it can compress the intestines and cause constipation.
Again, it can cause rash problems in long-term use.
It slows down blood circulation.
Extremely tight corsets can cause reflux.
Very narrow corsets used for the sake of beauty cause the bone integrity of the body to deteriorate.