What is lemon salt? What are the benefits? Where to use?

Let’s get to know lemon salt, which has many uses from pickle making to cleaning.

What is lemon salt?

Lemon salt is known as “citric acid” in the field of chemistry. It occurs naturally to some extent in all living organisms on Earth. In the food industry, it is a preservative known with the code “E330”. It is used in many areas from cooking to cleaning in the kitchen. Lemon salt is generally used in foods to prevent the deterioration of pickles and canned products.

What are the benefits?

In diseases such as kidney stones and gallbladder stones, lemon salt helps to reduce the stone.
Lemon salt is often preferred in dental and oral care. Lemon salt, which is also preferred as a mouthwash, can be mixed with water and used regularly.
It is known to have a blood pressure corrective and balancing ingredient.
Lemon salt has important benefits for hair health. You can make a mask from lemon salt for your hair and protect the health of your hair.
Dieters, those who want to lose weight and burn fat can easily use it.
Lemon salt delays the darkening of vegetables and fruits.
It plays an effective role in cleansing the kidney and liver.
It provides resistance to the person by protecting the body against various bacteria.
It is known to be rich in vitamin C.
It has a descaling effect in the cleaning sector.
Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, lemon juice helps vegetables and fruits stay intact for a long time.

Where is lemon salt used?

While it is generally used in the process of setting the key, it is also frequently used in jams and salads. It is also the biggest assistant for those who want to obtain natural cleaning products in house cleaning. Especially for those who do not want to clean their teapot with a descaler, lemon salt can be used. Lemon salt prevents deterioration and darkening of fruits and vegetables and extends their shelf life. You can put it in the dishwasher and clean your machine from lime with a natural method.