What is Smile Design?

Smile design comes to mind when it comes to aesthetics in dentistry. Giving a beautiful appearance to the teeth and gums, whose aesthetics is impaired for various reasons, is called smile design.

It is a multidisciplinary approach to smile design. Multiple applications are made to perform this process. During the performance of these procedures, attention is paid to the facial features, age, gender and expectations of the patients. Dental clinics make very good practices in smile design.

How to Smile Design?
In order to carry out this process, first of all, existing decayed teeth and gum diseases must be treated. Afterwards, tooth cleaning procedures are performed. After these procedures, the applications that the patients need are determined. The procedures performed are mostly teeth whitening, gingivectomy, implant and prosthesis applications for missing teeth, veneer, porcelain laminate, zirconium, orthodontic treatments.

In smile designs, attention is paid to what patients want. A model is prepared by taking measurements from the patient’s mouth, and in this way, problems are determined and plans are made about how to solve these problems.

In addition to this, measurements are made with various programs in the computer environment with intraoral and facial photographs of the patients, and the conformity with the face shape is calculated. The images that will be formed at the end of the treatment are shown to the patients and the patient’s opinion is taken.

If orthodontic procedures will not be applied after the planning process, studies related to level disorders in the gums are carried out. In case of missing teeth, implant procedures and other surgical procedures are performed. Teeth whitening can also be performed if needed after the healing of surgical procedures.

After this procedure, visual and morphological defects in the teeth are removed with the help of aesthetic composite fillings. If these methods are not sufficient, then porcelain laminates and veneers, zirconium veneers are made. It is possible to design a smile with Bursa dental clinics.

How is Porcelain Laminated Teeth Applied?
In porcelain laminate applications, mostly teeth can be abraded or very little abraded. If porcelain or zirconium applications are deemed appropriate, rehearsals are made and the patient’s opinion is sought again.

After that, some changes can be applied. At the stage of gingival and dental applications, the design is shaped by considering the lip shape and contour in rehearsals. Sometimes, medical aesthetic applications are also used in smile design. With dermal fillers in the face and lip areas, the smile can be brought to the fore.